Alpha One


Alpha One is the result of the experience gained during the development of our Reference line and represents a synthesis of’s technological know-how. The goal was both simple and demanding: combine a cutting-edge DAC together with a high-end passively cooled dual-mono amplifier in a single enclosure. Our proprietary EX networking module is also included, offering acoustic correction and advanced streaming capabilities.

State-of-the-art digital playback

The Alpha One benefits from’s patented SJR « Source Jitter Removal » technology. By completely eliminating the jitter from any digital source, it allows the conversion circuits to work optimally, ensuring unprecedented digital-to-analog conversion quality, regardless of the digital input format. The result is a realistic, rich and lively sound. Combined with the embedded EX network module, this is the key to an unparalleled streaming music experience.

Extended bandwidth preamplification

The preamp stage of the Alpha One relies on a fully symmetrical construction, featuring a relay driven resistor network volume control for a perfect balance between the left and right channels. No coupling capacitor is mounted in the Alpha One. Operating outside the signal path, multi-pole servo circuits are used to provide a constant continuous reference to the active elements of the circuit. The integrity of the audio signal is thus fully preserved, ensuring a high level of transparency together with an extreme bandwidth extension, refined highs and extremely deep bass.

Dual-mono internal construction

The amplifier stage of the Alpha One is directly derived from our reference power amplifiers. Its in-house refined topology was designed to drastically reduce dynamic distortion. Optimizing the use of local feedback at the most critical stages, it benefits from the advantages of a class AB output stage while maintaining a perfect linearity of operation. Its dual mono design features comfortable power ratings together with a high current reserve, allowing it to drive the most demanding loudspeakers with powerful bass handling.

Remote control

Each Alpha One comes with a custom-made remote control made of massive aluminium.


Image Hifi
#177 (May – June 2024)

“The Alpha One is far more than a downsizing of its big brothers. It delivers a performance of its own that is perfectly consistent in both digital and analog terms”

Read the full review (English translation): Alpha_One_Review_Image_Hifi.pdf

Hi-Fi Voice
April 25, 2024

“Alpha One puts the most weight on overall musicality, on the ability to make you forget the technical side of things and immerse yourself in the listening experience”

Editor’s recommendation award

#230 (April 2024)

“The DAC is particularly good […] and the amplifier is also exceptional.”

Sonic Flare

“A slice of superb sound, from a French all in one integrated amplifier. B Audio Alpha One”

#50 anniversary issue (November – December 2023)

“( is striking again with its first all-in-one, Alpha One, and it’s hard to find a competitor as pure and refined in this price range.

“Remarquable” award



Power supply Factory set: 220-230 V or 100-115 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 450 x 395 x 102 mm
Weight 15.5 kg
Output power 120 W under 8 ohm
200 W under 4 ohm
Bandwidth > 200 kHz
THD < 0.001%
(1-100 W, 8 ohm)
D/A Conversion Multibit sigma-delta
DAC Clock management Patented SJR technology
Streaming protocols UPnP, MPD, LMS, NAA, Roon, Airplay
Gapless playback
Access to streaming services (Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, …)
via compatible iOS and Android applications
Integrated music server UPnP / Openhome
Acoustic correction 64-bit DSP, 8x parametric filters with automatic gain adjustment
Inputs 1x SPDIF (PCM up to 24-bit / 192 kHz)
2x Toslink (PCM up to 24-bit / 96 kHz)
1x AES/EBU (PCM up to 24-bit / 192 kHz)
1x USB type B (PCM up to 384 kHz / DXD / DoP / native DSD up to DSD256)
1x RJ45 (PCM up to 384 kHz / DXD / DoP / native DSD up to DSD256)
1x USB DATA (to connect a storage media / SSD disk)
Volume control Analog, via switched resistor network, -80 to +0 dB, 64 steps
Construction 100% balanced
Inputs 1x XLR (balanced)
2x RCA (unbalanced), one of which configurable as bypass (Home Theater use)
Input impedance 47 kohm
Pre-out 1x XLR (balanced)
Output impedance 100 ohm
Construction Dual-mono, class AB, passive cooling (fanless)
Output stage 2 pairs of high current bipolar transistors
Speaker connectors Universal, compatible with forks, bare cables and banana plugs