NEW GENERATION HIGH END AUDIO award-winning digital sources and amplifiers are the result of more than 10 years of Research and Development dedicated to revisiting every stage of the signal processing chain. Our technical choices have solely been driven by their benefits to the quality of the sound reproduction.

Originally, a common observation: the sound from digital media is often perceived as harsh, although extremely detailed. On the contrary, the sound from analog media is perceived as more natural, but lacks micro-details. While many attempts have been made to resolve this dilemma, none of them completely satisfied us.

Starting from scratch after carefully studying the different technical possibilities, we have imagined new schemes to eliminate the multiple sources of signal alteration that have been identified. The result: a faithful transcription of the artist’s message, rich, detailed and dynamic, with a lively presence that fully restores the emotion of the concert – regardless of the music style.


The innovations in products cover the various parts of the sound signal reproduction chain, in both the digital and analogue domains.

Our patented SJR technology sets a new standard in digital-to-analogue conversion, while our ASP and IOD toppologies meet the same requirements in pre- and power amplification, delivering breathtaking dynamic range, refined highs and remarkable bass extension.


Reflecting their exclusivity, our devices rely on a pure design, featuring a CNC-machined aluminium front panel with integrated ball-bearing mounted rotary knobs.

Inspired by celestial gravity, the housing style stands out for the purity of its lines, letting aside any disturbing element.

Product design by Olivier Hess


Best sonic qualities are nothing if they fade in time.

All components are carefully selected to keep optimal characteristics over time. For instance, every chemical capacitor used in our products withstands a minimum of 5000h of operation at 105°C, which translates to more than 40 years of continuous operation in typical operating conditions.

To remain at the cutting edge of technology and with a commitment to sustainable design, our products have been engineered to be upgradable. These updates will be available to current users once new options or enhancements are made available.

All our products come with a 3 years warranty.


Our electronics as well as the mechanical elements of our products are entirely in-house developed. In order to guarantee the highest quality standards, their production is performed in France by carefully selected local suppliers.

The final assembly is carried out by ourselves in our workshop.

As part of our quest for performance, the software layer embedded in our products is also developed to measure by our team.