A power amplifier designed to deliver first-class performance both in mono and stereo.

Free of high-frequency digital disturbances thanks to its class AB operation, it stands out by a distortion rate below the measurement threshold. Its ability to preserve the signal from any alteration results in a subtle and dynamic reproduction, giving the music emotions the best possible chance to express themselves.

The B.amp also features an oversized current reserve, which enables it to fit any type of loudspeaker, even the most demanding.

The operating scheme of the B.amp is the result of numerous computational simulations, followed by intensive acoustic testing. The 10-year research and development period has led to electronic refinements that meet the brand’s high level of musical excellence.

The full dual mono design with completely separated power supplies for each channel eliminates the risk of cross-talk during current peaks. The use of local feedback at the most critical stages allows perfectly linear operation, under all working conditions.

Intelligent output drive

A class-A push-pull driver stage is used, which is fitted with 6 transistors specifically designed to ensure perfect immunity to loudspeakers-generated return currents. This results in excellent accuracy in sound reproduction.

Mono configuration

The B.amp can be configured to operate in mono mode, with the two benefits of increasing power output together with providing a fully symmetrical operating mode.



Power supply Factory set : 230V or 115V, 50-60Hz
Output power (stereo) 200W under 4 ohm, 120W under 8 ohm
Output power (bridged mode) 500W under 4 ohm, 300W under 8 ohms
Dimensions 450x385x112mm
Weight 20kg
Power stage 2 ultra low magnetic radiation toroidal transformers
Driver stage IOD
Output stage 4 pairs of high current bipolar transistors
Connectors 1x RCA (pair)
Sensitivity 1V RMS
Input impedance 47 kohm
Connectors 1x XLR (pair)
Sensitivity 1V RMS
Input impedance 47 kohm
Connectors WBT
THD <0.0005%
(1-100W, 8ohm)
Bandwidth >200kHz