Major update released!

We are proud to announce that OS, the software at the heart of our EX streaming products has been completely reworked.

The result is a significant improvement in terms of reactivity and overall performance. As stated by converging user feedbacks, sound is even more realistic and detailed, with an intact sense of balance.

This new v1.3 software applies to all products featuring our EX streaming module and is now available.
For more details please refer to the support section.

The Czech media Hi-Fi Voice recently published a test bench dedicated to our Reference line.

We were honored by the news that the B.dpr EX streaming DAC/preamp in association with the B.amp stereo power amplifier received the Editor’s Recommendation ( highest possible award ).

“ can be recommended to all those who appreciate the beauty of music above all, giving them the possibility to enjoy it for a long time without fearing the slightest fatigue, as hours fly by while listening to the B.dpr EX / B.amp set, and we don’t even know how…”

Many thanks to the editorial team!

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