Taking full advantage of current technical possibilities, our electronics incorporate decisive technological achievements to the benefit of sound reproduction. From the ground up, all options were explored without preconceived ideas before retaining the most relevant solutions.

SJR (patented)

One common source of sound artifacts in digital to analog converters is due to the jitter present in the source signal.
Rethinking the digital input stage of our converters, we developed a process that completely eliminates the source jitter. By enabling conversion circuits to work optimally, the SJR ensures unprecedented digital-to-analog conversion quality, regardless of the digital input format.

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The “Intelligent Output Drive” topology implemented at the heart of our amplifiers offers the advantages of operating in class AB, while maintaining the absence of crossover distortions characteristic of a class A. It features an intermediate driving stage fitted with 6 transistors together with a local feedback loop.

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All pre-amplification stages present in our products operate in a 100% balanced mode and are distinguished by the absence of coupling capacitors. Named “Analog Symmetrical Preamplifiers”, they are synonyms for absence of distortion and electronic noise.

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