All pre-amplification stages present in our products operate in a 100% balanced mode and are distinguished by the absence of coupling capacitors. Named “Analog Symmetrical Preamplifiers”, they are synonyms for absence of distortion and electronic noise.


The pre-amplification stages embedded in our products have been designed to fully benefit from the potential offered by today’s technologies. Taking full advantage of the drastic loop inductance reduction provided by surface-mounted components, the 100% balanced topology we use guarantees an absolute immunity to noise sources in analog signal processing.

Active symmetrization

To ensure perfect match with unbalanced sources, we use an active symmetrization stage, which allows to benefit from all the advantages of balanced processing, preventing the introduction of common mode interferences in the signal processing.

This active stage offers the benefit of being seen as an impedant load, even in the presence of continuous signals, ensuring perfect electrical compatibility with all analog sources.

Direct coupling

Since the best possible coupling capacitor will always perform worse than no capacitor at all, the entire analog processing is realized without using these components.

To block any DC component which could be present on one of the inputs, multi-pole servo circuits are implemented. Operating outside the signal path, they have been specifically developed to provide a constant continuous reference to the active elements of the circuit. The result is a total integrity of the audio signal, thanks to the fact that these servo circuits have no influence on it.