Ideal complement to the B.dpr, the B.amp is a power amplifier based on a Class-AB scheme, each stage of which has been deeply optimized to fit any type of loudspeaker. This guarantees best sound performance, even with the most demanding speakers.
A class-A push-pull driver stage is used, which is fitted with 6 transistors specifically designed to ensure perfect immunity to loudspeakers-generated return currents. This results in excellent accuracy in sound reproduction.
The use of local feedback at the most critical stages allows perfectly linear operation, under all working conditions.
The full dual mono design with completely separated power supplies for each channel eliminates the risk of any crosstalk during current peaks.

The B.amp can be configured to operate in mono mode, with the two benefits of increasing power output together with providing a fully symmetrical operating mode.
Last but not least, this makes the system easily upgradeable if required.


available soon