Source jitter removal patent

One common source of sound artifacts in digital to analog converters is due to the jitter present in the source signal.
To get rid of this phenomenon, we developed a unique technology called SJR “Source Jitter Removal” that can fully eliminate all input jitter, from any source (SPDIF, Toslink, AES/EBU, USB) without the need of external clock link.
Based on a clean clock generator fully decoupled from the source signal clock, it provides optimal timing for the D/A conversion, and thus removes the well-known digital harshness.

Power supply

Our D/A converters feature two distinct toroidal transformers: one designated for the digital domain, and another for the analog domain.
To prevent any risk of interference, there is one dedicated regulation per stage (DSP, clock, DAC, output stages, DC servo, etc.)

Direct coupling

Even the best imaginable coupling capacitor will always perform worse than no capacitor at all. To allow direct-coupling operation without risking the presence of voltage offset at output, we developed a specific multi-pole DC servo. Completely separated from the audio signal path, it allows to do without any DC component that could affect the signal.


Carefully designed upsampling filters are a must have on any high performance DAC.
Our products make use of a custom designed convolution engine implemented in a built-in DSP dedicated to this task. This permits to implement an in-house developed linear phase filter with reduced pre-ringing artifacts, preserving the transient response.

Output stage

Every DAC technology generates undesirable high frequencies, which have to be filtered out analogically. To keep the accuracy of the signal shape, low phase deviation filters are implemented. This results in preserving dynamics and micro-information.